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Mosquito Treatment


Mosquito Treatment

It’s the summer time, you are outside enjoying the warm weather and OUCH! You look down at your leg and see a painful, red welt… a mosquito bite. Moments later you feel another OUCH! another bite.

Mosquitos can cause numerous health problems. The two most common diseases they can transmit through a bite is the West Nile Virus and Dog Heartworm. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected from these disease carrying insects.

Part of our program includes an inspection of your property to identify mosquito breeding sites. Our specially formulated organic solution will reduce 85 to 90% of adult populations after the first visit. We will return every 25-30 days to re-apply our organic formulation to keep your property under control.

Reduce and control the mosquito populations. Let us help protect you, your family and your pets from nuisances and illness carried by these insects.


It is important for your lawn to have the proper nourishment to help them grow stronger, from the roots upward.

Weed Control

We can use a combination of spot spraying herbicides and seeding practices control the weeds and develop a lush lawn.

Grub Control

We believe in preventative medicine. All of our turf care programs include preventative treatment measures when it comes to grubs ...Why wait to treat until the damage is done incurring costly repairs?

Core Aeration

Small, uniform plugs of soil can be seen at turf level, often exposing the different layers of soil below..