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Tree & Shrub Care

Green Lawn’s offers a complete line of ornamental tree & shrub care to help maintain and improve your existing landscape. Without proper maintenance and care, tree’s and shrubs are susceptible to a variety of dangers and possible problems.

Effective Treatments for Healthier Trees and Shrubs

Almost every problem we deal with starts off on a small scale and can be easily detected by an expert in its early stages. At Green Lawns, we are proud to offer a comprehensive, year-round Plant Health Care program based on preventative care and early detection.

Monitoring Programs


During each monitoring visit, the technician assigned to a property inspects all of the trees and shrubs and spot treats for the conditions he encounters as necessary. He also leaves a detailed report of what plant material was treated and for which conditions.

Insect and Disease Control


The controls we use for insect and disease problems, combined with our application methods, are both eco-friendly and effective. From horticultural oils to systemic injections, our Arborists and Plant Health Care Technicians will find the right solutions for your property.

Soil and Root Care


Nutrient deficiency is a gateway for disease and insect problems in plants. Our custom-tailored soil and root care applications increase tree and shrub health, strengthening their natural defenses.

Arbor & Plant Care

Plant Health Care

  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Soil and Root Control
  • Winterburn Protection
  • Arbor Care

  • InseTrunk Injection – Arborjet
  • Deep Root Feeding
  • Selective Pruning
  • InseTrunk Injection – Arborjet
  • Monitoring Programs (IPM)
  • Consulting Services
  • Trunk Injection Advantage

    Trunk injection is the most effective alternative to spraying or soil applying pesticides for tree insect or pest control. Arborjet trunk injection equipment injects formulations directly inside trees. With over 10 years of research and development, our trunk injection systems and formulations are proven to give the best results when protecting trees from pests.

    Unlike spraying or soil applications, Arborjet’s system injects directly into the tree, limiting any impact to your family, the applicator, and the environment around you.


    It is important for your lawn to have the proper nourishment to help them grow stronger, from the roots upward.

    Weed Control

    We can use a combination of spot spraying herbicides and seeding practices control the weeds and develop a lush lawn.

    Grub Control

    We believe in preventative medicine. All of our turf care programs include preventative treatment measures when it comes to grubs ...Why wait to treat until the damage is done incurring costly repairs?

    Core Aeration

    Small, uniform plugs of soil can be seen at turf level, often exposing the different layers of soil below..