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Summers are perfect for outdoor activities. Simply sitting in your lawn surrounded by the ones you love is relaxing. But the presence of mosquitos can ruin your time and make you feel irritated. Not to mention, you might even end up with red welts due to mosquito bites.

Mosquito Control & Treatment

It’s the summer time, you are outside enjoying the warm weather and OUCH! You look down at your leg and see a painful, red welt…a mosquito bite. Moments later you feel another OUCH! another bite.

Mosquitos can cause numerous health problems. The two most common diseases they can transmit through a bite is the West Nile Virus and Dog Heartworm. Keep yourself and your loved ones protected from these disease carrying insects.

Part of our program includes an inspection of your property to identify mosquito breeding sites. Our specially formulated organic solution will reduce 85 to 90% of adult populations after the first visit. We will return every 25-30 days to re-apply our organic formula to keep your property under control.

Reduce and control the mosquito population. Let us help protect you, your family and your pets from nuisances and illnesses carried by these insects.

Quality Mosquito Treatment Services in New York & New Jersey

However tiny they seem, mosquitos are not harmless. In fact, they are one of the deadliest creatures on this planet. They cause various diseases such as Yellow Fever, Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika Virus, and West Nile. Mosquitos have killed millions of people and still do. It is important to get rid of them before they multiply and take over your lawn.

While repellents work well for the time being, they do not prevent mosquitos from laying eggs or breeding. Mosquitos breed in hundreds or thousands, especially during the summer season. Some mosquitos can lay eggs during winter as well. So the best way to keep your surroundings and lawn free of mosquitos is by using mosquito control services.

Green Lawns Inc offers services for Mosquito Control & Removal in NY & NJ. We will help you in keeping your loved ones safe from the mosquito menace in the long term. We have divided the treatment method into different steps to completely get rid of the mosquitos instead of shooing them away for a while.

Prevent Mosquitos:
Our mosquito control specialists start with performing a full risk assessment on your property to find the best method for mosquito treatment. As mosquitos lay eggs on water, our first step addresses this issue.

Control Mosquitos:
We use work on mosquito control by using products that kill the adult mosquitos. Mosquitos sleep during the day, and this is the right time to get rid of as many of them as possible.

Continuous Maintenance:
You can keep your lawn free of mosquitos around the year. We offer regular inspection and treatment services so that you can have a mosquito-free yard at all times.

Customized Mosquito Treatment Services:
Our services change according to your requirements. We offer what’s best for you and your yard. We offer our services for both residential and commercial properties.

Natural and Organic Mosquito Control Treatment:
Our products are natural and safe. You don’t have to worry about any harmful side effects. Call us for a free estimate today and get the pesky mosquitos out of your favorite place.

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